Astral Hotels Chain - Activities

Eilat is one of the most exciting cities in the world. A beautiful desert vacation city, dwelling in amazing landscapes of mountains and sea, blue skies and a variety of lights and colors. It is a city that doesn’t stop, fits itself to the wide variety of tourists and offers an abundance of experiences and attractions. The attractions are many, from water sports and extreme sports, trips by foot, children’s activities, jeep and ATV trips, private cruises and a wide variety of additional activities that make every moment an interesting one, fascinating and unforgettable.
Are you coming to visit? Do you want to know where to spend your time? Here are some main attractions: 


Undoubtedly one of the most exciting attractions of Eilat is the impressive ecological site, the dolphin reef. The reef is located on Eilat’s beach, surrounded by shaded sitting corners, self-service restaurants, a unique cinema hall, soothing pools, and of course, the jewel of the crown: watching the enchanting dolphin pack, who lives a playful life, with courtship and hunting. The dolphins can be seen from floating piers, located by the dolphins’ dwelling areas, and you can even swim or dive with them, or visit the underwater photography center. 


Once you said “Eilat” you said “The Underwater Observatory”. Since its establishment, almost 40 years ago, it has no dull moment. The impressive building was made with many effort and resources, became one of the leading symbols of the city. The unique park resides in the middle of an amazing coral reef and gives the visitors an opportunity to meet with the fascinating underwater world of the red sea, with thousands of species of fish and hundreds types of corals. You can enjoy the fascinating lives of the animals, underwater and above it, watch how they are fed while listening to explanations, and enjoy virtual tours, a restaurant, a gallery of pictures and many more activities. 


In the midst of steaming Eilat, there’s nothing like a fascinating visit in the Ice mall. It is an enchanting and refreshing experience. Apart from the various stores, you can enjoy a variety of unique attractions and shows: a big wonderful snow igloo, including a huge ice slide, with “real snow” and gives a feeling of winter, impressive ice sculptures, an attractive amusement park and a big area of arcade games and children’s activities. An “Ice Train” that surrounds the park and is for small children, and of course, a professional ice skating area, with 150 tons of ice.


Water games in Astral Coral and Astral Nirvana
An attractive and unique experience in Nirvana and Coral hotels. Children’s water games that include slides and many fun games for the children.