Queen of Sheba Hotel Accessibility

Queen of Sheba  Hotel Accessibility

Handicapped Parking
There are seven handicapped parking spaces for regular cars in the underground parking garage (2.20 m in height).
Higher cars may park in the bus spots on the main entrance level, in prior coordination with the Accessibility Manager)
The accessibility parking spaces are up to 15 meters from the entrance.
People with a handicap sticker may reserve a handicapped parking space when they book a room.
Accessibility access
Entry to the hotel from the handicapped parking spaces is by elevator to the lobby level, about five meters to the entrance. There is a moderately sloping ramp, about 20 cm high,  from the underground parking garage to the entrance.
There is a standard ramp, about 20 cm high,  from the lobby parking level to the entrance.
The main entrance to the lobby has an accessibility door next to the revolving door. The doorman will help you open the door if necessary. This door is 110 cm wind
Handicapped restrooms
The public restrooms on the S level include handicapped restrooms.
Accessible restrooms: the stall size is 148x170 cm, with folding L hand grips, outward-opening 90-cm wide door, and 115x176 cm maneuvering surface before the door.
Reception desk
The reception and information desk is 110 cm high. There is a support plate.
There is a hearing assistance system for the hearing disabled.
Swimming pool
The accessible path to the swimming pool is via the left side of the lobby. The pool is also accessible from the handicapped elevator or by the stairs with handrails. There are no accessible locker room or restroom near the pool.
You may ask the staff for assistance in obtaining pool towels, as the towels desk is not accessible.
There is a shaded and deck area by the pool.
The pool restaurant has no accessibility. You may request service from the waiters at the pool.
There is no accessibility to the pool locker room, because there is no way to build them in the pool area in the existing building. The accessible public restrooms in the spa area offer a solution.
Guest Restaurant Makeda (dining room) \
The path to the accessible dining room has accessible tables and chairs. There are accessible tables and chairs; ask the dining room staff to clear an accessible area of for suitable chairs with hand grips.
The self-service buffet is accessible, The buffet has a height of 90 cm, depth of up to 60 cm, and plates collection point of up to 45 cm height
The cold beverages station is accessible, but the hot beverages station is not. You may ask the staff for assistance.
The buffet can be reached independently, or you may ask the trained staff for assistance.
Children’s club
The path to the children’s club and the club itself are accessible. You may request a chair with hand grips.
The spa is accessible. The ramp to the jacuzzi level and the facility for lowering into the jacuzzi are accessible.
The door to the treatments room has a width of 87 cm, and the passageways inside the room have a width greater than 130 cm. The powered treatment beds can be lowered to a height of 45 cm.
The showers have hand grips and a chair.
Hotel elevator
The elevator dimensions are 174x171 cm, the door is 110 cm wide. The loudspeaker announces the floor number and the elevator buttons are accessible.
Aid kits for the hearing disabled
There are hearing aids at the hotel service desks – reception, spa, halls, attractions desk, club, and drugstore.
Hearing aids can be ordered for the rooms, including an accessible telephone, bell, loudspeaker, and television amplifier.
We advise ordering these kits when booking the room.
The television has subtitles, similar to the concealed subtitles on the regular channels.
Additional services
You may request to move furniture or change the arrangements of items in the shower.
You may ask the hotel staff for assistance.
The synagogue is located on Level 2. Its door is 87 cm wide, one level. There is little room between the rows of chairs, but it is possible to sit undisturbed in the first row.
The bimah is not accessible.
You may request a suitable chair.
Banquet and conference halls
The halls on the lobby floor are accessible
The hall on the S Level is accessible by handicapped elevator.
When reserving an event, we advise you to notify us about accessibility needs.
Rooms for the disabled
The hotel has six rooms and couples deluxe rooms, all on the second floor.
The couples rooms have a view of the marina and the non-couples rooms have a view of the Gulf of Eilat.
The room closest to the elevator is at a distance of 38 meters, and the farthest room is 55 meters away.
The entrance door has a width of 87 cm.
All the passageways in the room are wider than 80 cm. You may request to move the bed.
The small balcony has a threshold and is not accessible.
There are no chairs or tables in the room.
The living room has a table with a height of 73-80 cm and width of 90 cm and a sofa.
The switches are at the standard height of 1.20 cm (do mean 120 cm?)
The height of the bed is 52 cm.
A hearing aid kit may be ordered for the room, including an accessible telephone, bell, loudspeaker, and television amplifier.
The width of the bathroom door is 81 cm.
The bathroom is 170x240 cm in size.
There is a folding L grip next to the toilet.
The shower is 115x160 cm in size.
The shower has a hand grip.
There is a chair.
Other services
A guest arriving to stay overnight at the hotel with a handicapped sticker is eligible to park at now cost throughout the stay.
At the guest’s request, it is possible to change the height of the bed and move furniture in the adapted room.
At the guest’s request, it is possible to receive and return towels at the pool.
At the guest’s request, sight-impaired guests may receive assistance and an  escort.
At the guest’s request, it is possible to save a handicapped parking space for a car with a handicapped sticker.
The halls are equipped with hearing aids (receivers and amplifiers) and have accessible furniture.
Telephone for further information and reservations: 08-6388848
Accessibility manager: Pazit Buskila
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