Shavuot Deals

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Are you looking for Shavuot deals in Eilat? Astral Hotel chain invite you to enjoy special deals and offers for Shavuot 2014 in each of our five hotels. Astral hotels offer a variety of deals for couples who seek a peaceful vacation and for families who come to Eilat for Shavuot, with up to 4 children in a room. In the hotels you will find a variety of family activities, children’s clubs, live shows, water sports and a selection of attractions for a fun holiday in an attractive price.
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There’s nothing like celebrating Shavuot – one of Shalosh Haregalim (the three important holidays), in Eilat. The caressing sun, just a moment before summer, the atmosphere of freedom and the festival events that the city holds in Shavuot, will turn your vacation into a perfect one. In the time of your Eilat vacation you can enjoy the abundance of activities in Astral Hotels in Shavuot, from the tranquility around the pool and the activities of the entertainment crew. In Eilat, you can enjoy the various attractions, like the Dolphin Reef, the City of Kings and more, alongside the special events in Eilat for Shavuot – a parade of the first fruits, milk festivals and more and more. Eilat is on holiday and you are invited to enjoy everything the city of eternal sun has to offer. 

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