Succoth Vacation

Those who come to Eilat for a vacation in Succoth enjoy an abundance of activities all through the city in the hotels that enable to enjoy the special holiday atmosphere alongside a vacation in the best time of Eilat. You can do the Jewish Mitzvah of sitting in a Souccah, say your blessing on the species and have a religious holiday dinner, alongside activities such as sitting by the pool, going to the beach, enjoying yourselves in the many attractions the city has to offer and more.
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Celebrate Succoth in Eilat
Do you want to celebrate Succoth in Eilat? The southern city opens its gates to the Israeli vacationers with an abundance of special holiday events in the various attractions in the city, live shows by the best of singers, municipal Succoth in which you can celebrate the holiday, as well as Succoth in hotels. Those who are interesting in making a reservation can order Succoth deals in our website and enjoy attractive prices. 

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